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Planning for the future can be a daunting process, especially in farming where we are experiencing so much change. The internet has opened up a wealth of information, but for those who are not ‘computer savvy’ or who work alone, it can be difficult trying to ‘sort the wood from the trees’.

FarmWell presents useful information to support you, the people around you and your farm business. We have developed the platform to be easy-to-understand and designed to assist you with any issues you may be having on the farm. Using the buttons / navigation above, you can explore what our FarmWell platform has to offer.

You may find FarmWell can help you find an answer and a positive way through whatever the problem may be that you’re experiencing. And if not, you can contact FCN on 03000 111 999 / help@fcn.org.uk – our volunteers understand farming and its pressures and are here to listen and help.

A culture change in farming

FarmWell is all about farming well – making sure that we all find a healthy work-life balance on the farm that allows for us to look after our mental and physical health while operating the farm business. As an industry we need to normalise talking about our problems, taking time off where we can and not feeling guilty when we do. This year’s FCN FarmWell Award winner, Scott Dewart, has shared a video about how he finds a balance that works for him on the farm:


Bovine TB: The Mental Health Toll

FCN’s Alex Phillimore talks to the Farmers Weekly about the effects that TB outbreaks are having on the mental health of farmers and vets. Click here.

Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) Handbook Published

The handbook sets out all the actions that DEFRA will pay for. There are 23 in all.

You can choose as many actions for your agreement as you like – they are no longer grouped into levels.

Tenant farmers do not need the permission of their landlord to apply, and those on a shorter, rolling tenancy are still eligible for an agreement.

Applications for the new offer open in August 2023.

For more information, and a link to the handbook, click here

For information about support available through SFI, Countryside Stewardship, Landscape Recovery and more, visit our Available Grants, Schemes and Funding for 2023 page

Alzheimer’s Society

For over 40 years, Alzheimer’s Society has been working to speed up accurate diagnosis of the disease, provide support for those managing it, and to fund research and new treatments to create hope for the future.

Dementia is not just about losing your memory.

It can also affect perceptions, logic, reasoning and visual perception.  Farms are inherently dangerous places, with large animals, slurry pits, machinery and firearms all possible reasons for concern to a farming family when a loved one begins to develop dementia.

You can also email: enquiries@alzheimers.org.uk

Diversification – Advice on setting up a campsite or caravan park on your farm

Pitchup can advise on everything you need to know, from information on planning permission, to taking payments, to waste disposal, to how such a venture might affect BPS entitlements

Future Farming Resilience Fund – Access to free Support

The Future Farming Resilience Fund is designed to provide business support to farmers and land managers during the early years of the agricultural transition

Any farmer or land manager currently in receipt of Direct Payments is eligible to apply


  • Transition is an initiative from Farmers Weekly aimed at securing a sustainable future for your farm business, click here to find out more.
  • To listen to the Transition podcast click here.

The Journey Ahead

Informed by the expertise and input of more than 40 different organisations, The Journey Ahead is our new publication to support the farming community in planning ahead and managing change. The publication is based on content sourced for our Time to Plan campaign, which we ran via FarmWell from October 2020 – March 2021. You can access the book below:

Keeping your business resilient through change

Links to the most useful and user-friendly information sources across all farm business areas, where you can find the facts to help plan successfully and efficiently.

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Farming Business Help
Farming Business Help

Staying fit and healthy

Supportive links, advice and help, aimed at achieving stronger emotional and physical intelligence, whilst maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

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I need to talk to someone

Guidance on how you can access additional support and mentoring, both from a business and personal perspective, should the need arise.

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Farming Business Help