Countryside counselling and therapy

As well as more generalised counselling groups, counselling specific to farmers can also be accessed. This is sometimes preferred by farmers to work with more like minded individuals who may better understand their situation.

STRONGHEART Counselling & Training

  • Strongheart specialises in the mental health and wellbeing of farmers.
  • The company is run by Aarun Naik who offers group sessions on mental health awareness, stress management, resilience and mindfulness training. As well as individual counselling.
  • Click here to view the website.

Countryside counselling

Countryside counselling provides counselling for farmers, giving advice when farmers might need support. Their website (click here) helps with direction to where this support can be accessed, providing a variation of counselling options: home visits, telephone calls and online help.

The DPJ Foundation

  • The Daniel Picton-Jones (DPJ) foundation supports people in rural communities suffering poor mental health, especially men in the agricultural sector, they also offer fully funded counselling with qualified counsellors. click here to find out more.

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