Crop strategy

THE GREAT GRAZING GUIDE from The Prince’s Countryside Fund and McDonald’s UK.
Produced by Precision Grazing Ltd in response to the high increase in input costs faced by farmers over the last year. Click here to find out more.

“Not only will the ideas contained in this guide help save money….but they will also enable farmers to work with nature on their farm by focusing on the importance of soil health”

Keith Halstead, Executive Director, The Prince’s Countryside Fund

Top 10 tips to optimise big bale silage quality

  • Forage research scientist, Rhun Fychan from IBERS, Aberystwyth University, gives his top 10 tips for making the best big bale silage, click here to read them.


Syngenta Public Policy Position on Soil Conservation – click here to view – download below.


  • After an extremely challenging autumn, AHDB is re-running the Early Bird Survey to capture the potential cropped areas for harvest 2024. The results are provisionally due in mid-March, though they are continuing to monitor the situation as the weather remains wet. Updates can be found here.
  • AHDB Field drainage guide – click here to view – download below.
  • The recommended list for cereals and oilseed 2024/2025 has been released by AHDB – click here to view and download.

Soil management – how best to deal with the weather affecting the soil on your farm:

Disease management

  • Farmers Weekly have an online resource helping farmers with crop disease management, click here to view.
  • The NFU have developed a plant health sustainable strategy to protect arable crops, click here to view. The strategy timeline can be downloaded below.

Plant health regulations


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