Fit For Spring

As part of our Time to Plan project, throughout the month of March we will be focussing on the topic of ‘Fit For Spring’.

We will be posting regularly from the FarmWell Twitter and Facebook pages.

Q&A with Ange Harders, Safe Ag Systems WHS Manager

  • When is a disaster not an emergency? A Q&A with Ange Harders, WHS Manager at Safe Ag Systems. Ange talks through some key points in planning for an emergency or disaster before it occurs.
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The Dangers of Outdoor Working: How to Keep Farm Workers Safe with Bunkabin 

  • Working outdoors presents its own set of unique health and safety concerns, as various conditions, such as the weather and environment, can increase the risk of an accident. That’s before you take into account the considerable challenges farms and agricultural businesses have faced over the last year.
  • Farms and other agricultural businesses need to be aware of the hazards that come with outdoor working so the necessary precautions can be put in place to ensure staff are able to work safely and productively. In this article, Bunkabin takes a look at how farmers can keep workers safe while working outdoors.
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Agrii lone working checklist and risk assessment

  • Agrii and FCN have created a downloadable attachment explaining the meaning of lone working and the ways to combat loneliness and isolation on the farm, as well as reducing the risk of harm to the lone worker:  Click here to read, download below.
  • The Agrii lone working downloadable checklist acts as a guide to risk assessments on the farm:  Click here to read, download below.

Fit To Farm? with Stephanie Berkeley, Manager, Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies)

  • Stephanie talks about the importance of being mentally and physically ‘fit to farm’, and how exercising can really support many mental health challenges.
  • “Operating on a farm while feeling stressed or experiencing mental health problems isn’t safe so it’s really important to be aware that while you are your farm’s greatest asset, you could be your farms biggest liability so you really do need to be mentally and physically fit to farm.”
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Managing workplace stress with Mark Thomas, FCN Helpline Manager

  • When stress levels rise too far, it can make life miserable and cause significant harm. Mark outlines some key things he finds useful in managing stress.
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Preparing for Spring – a guide to health and safety in the UK with Safe Ag Systems

  • Safe Ag Systems have developed a guide to health and safety in the UK as we prepare for Spring. The guide is designed specifically for agribusiness owners. It allows for easy management of compliance with health and safety requirements in all regions as it’s based on common principles of effectively managing risk, complying with local laws and good record keeping.
  • Click here or the image to read the guide.
  • Read Safe Ag Systems latest blog post on When is a disaster not an emergency?‘ here.

Fit For Spring with Eleanor Parton, Communication and Events Officer for FCN

  • Spring is an exciting, but demanding time in the farming calendar. Eleanor has listed a few ways that personal care can be incorporated into a busy farming life.
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Fit For Spring – Wellbeing and Safety with Sue Hutchinson, Marketing Operations Lead UK/IRL & Nordics at Syngenta UK Limited

  • Sue Hutchinson talks about her role as a Mental Health First Aider and how that has provided her with the tools to support colleagues in the workplace and outside of the working environment.
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Q&A with Ben Eagle and FCN on FarmRunner and ManDown

  • In this Q&A with Ben Eagle and FCN, Ben discusses the motivation behind starting FarmRunner and ManDown.
  • Click here or the image to read the full Q&A.


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