Green Zones

We all function at our best when we’re in ‘The Green Zone’

At FCN we believe that farm businesses thrive when their people thrive. An important part of thriving is building and maintaining resilience.

‘Resilience’ is a frequently used term – we know it’s a good thing, but what does it actually mean?


Resilience is the ability to adapt and bounce back from adversity, challenges, or difficult life events, by being flexible and willing to change paths if necessary.

We have developed The Green Zone Checklist. It’s a self-assessment tool to help farms review some of the common components of business and personal resilience, allowing you to identify strengths and highlight areas where additional information or support may be useful.

This video from Mark Thomas, Services Manager, at FCN, explains more;

The Green Zone

The Green Zone Checklist

Download the Green Zone Checklist

Positive Resilience Factors



  • Clear on objectives​
  • Concentrate on controllables​
  • Sustainable plan​
  • Safe Working​
  • Workplace culture​
  • Contingency plan​
  • Communicate​
  • Diversity of thinking​
  • Delegate if possible​
  • IT enabled



  • Place in community​
  • Be a ‘look-out’​
  • Volunteer/organise​
  • Mentorship​
  • Stay connected​
  • Encouraging new entrants​
  • Improving your environment


  • Pension​
  • Succession​
  • Will/legacy​
  • Power of Attorney​
  • Exit plan​
  • Staying active​
  • Continual learning​
  • Maintaining purpose​
  • Prepare for next generation​
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