Farm insurance will protect you against certain aspects of your farm business/machinery/livestock. If you run a commercial farm or have livestock it is important to have some kind of insurance in place to protect you, your business, your employees and your assets. It will reduce the risks that may occur if you had no insurance plan in place for when an issue arises on the farm that could make you personally liable.

If you run a farm business, you are susceptible to risks out of your control such as flooding, fires, damage to property or livestock. Having an insurance plan in place will reduce the impact these factors may have on the running of the farm business.  

When choosing an insurance company, ensure they understand agriculture and business. Getting quotes from multiple agencies will allow you to compare and go with the best company suited for you and you farm business.  

Further FAQs on farm insurance can be found on this link under ‘Farm Essentials’ FAQs: click here.

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