Mentoring and Coaching

FCN in due course is looking to create a mentoring programme for its volunteers.


  • Mentoring is a way of guiding another person (the mentee) to address an issue of business or personal reliance and help enable a more coherent approach to that issue. 
  • A mentor will use their skills knowledge and experience in the discussion and assist the other person to both understand the breadth of options available and encourage a way forward to improve the situation.
  • The mentor can also help the person reflect on progress.


  • Coaching is a short-term process focussed on individual tasks within a wider strategic framework.  Together with the person who is being coached the task will be identified and encouragement and support is given to achieve the task set.

Coaching and mentoring can be a simultaneous process delivered by the same person.  Sometimes the two processes are kept separate with two people delivering the support to someone.

When to use mentoring?

  • will help you set goals for your work on the farm
  • can help you you’re your circumstances change
  • can help you work through new ideas to build your business resilience
  • can provide someone to talk ideas through
  • can help you develop emotional intelligence to build personal resilience
  • can help you reflect on your plans for the business
  • can help you think about succession

What is a mentor?

  • Listens
  • Ask questions to help you develop your ideas
  • Provides insights into your situation based on their knowledge and experience
  • Support as you deal with change
  • Act as s sounding board for your ideas and thinking
  • Encourages you in self reflection
  • Helps you identify areas for development

Mentoring is something you engage with and contribute to not something you receive.

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