Rural resources

AHDB KPI Express – (key performance indicator) tool to help you quickly see how well your farm is performing, find areas for improvement and identify potential solutions, click here.

AHDB Machinery costing calculator – Calculate the cost of farm machinery, per hectare or per hour, with this simple calculator, click here.

Harvest safety

  • Harvest can be one of the busiest times of the year for arable farmers, ensuring you are physically fit for the season is important for your physical and mental wellbeing to endure this demanding time. Harvest time can involve days sitting on a tractor, so understanding how you can stay healthy while sitting down for long periods of time is essentially for a healthy mind and body. Download the FarmWell Fit For Harvest PDF here.
  • NFU and NAAC help farmers prepare for a safe harvest, click here to find out more.
  • Top 5 tips to stay safe during harvest season with Oilfast, click here.


What3words is a geocode system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres. Every 3 metre square of the world has been given a unique combination of three words. It’s the easiest way to find and share exact locations. For further information, click here.

The facts about British red meat and milk with NFU & NFU Cymru, click here.


Equipping the industry with easy to use, practical know-how, which farmers and farm businesses can apply straight away to make better decisions and improve performance


Independent science-based research and information to support, develop and promote agriculture and horticulture.

Red Tractor

Red Tractor is a world leading farm and food assurance scheme that provides traceable, safe food.



  • The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers
  • The CAAV is the national specialist professional body representing, briefing and qualifying those acting and advising on agricultural and rural property and business matters across the whole United Kingdom.
  • Click here to find out more


2020 IAgSA virtual training programmes. For further information on IAgSA virtual training and workshops, download the document below.

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