Starting up your own business

Starting up your own business depends upon many factors…what kind of business you are developing, the location of the business, the size of business, who you will need help from (if any is needed) etc.

The government website has an online page for setting up a business and being self -employed, click here.

  • If you would like to get into farming and see your future in developing a farm business, a great place to start may be contacting those already in the sector, testing to see if this sector is definitely for you and getting a feel for what could be to come in the future.
  • Working for/alongside farm management companies may give you the best outlook and start on setting up your own business.
  • Money is a central aspect to beginning a business, you have to have the capital in the beginning to invest in the business: occasionally in the past, this has been seen in the farming community through crowdfunding, click here. An example can be seen here.
  • Contract farming or taking on a tenancy farm may be a good place to start, more information on this can be found on FarmWell under ‘Making a tenancy application‘.
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