Working From Home

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the closure of non-essential work spaces across the country, many of us are adapting to working from home or working flexibly. If you work on a farm or are an agricultural worker your day to day life may not be changing so much, however we are all having to adapt to new ways of life through social distancing measures, only shopping for essentials etc.

If working from home is a change to your normal working life, it is important to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing during this time. For both the employer and the employee there may be concerns that arise towards the health, safety and wellbeing of the individual. Managing remote workers and your personal wellbeing will ensure that you can successfully work remotely, mitigating the risks that could affect your wellbeing during this time.


Further guidance on managing your mental wellbeing and developing your resilience can be found on the Personal Resilience section to FarmWell.

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