Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are separate medical conditions referring to the mental wellbeing of someone. Depression can be associated with low moods and sadness, symptoms ranging from mild depression to constant severe depression. Anxiety again can occur at different levels and can be completely normal during times of unease at certain points in life, however this can sometimes be hard to control and often be a constant burden. These resources are aimed at improving mental wellbeing.

NHS 5 steps to wellbeing

The NHS 5 steps to wellbeing are aimed at seeing a more positive outlook on life. This link connects you to the NHS website on improving mental wellbeing : 5 steps to mental wellbeing.

CHIME is a widely used acronym to describe and identify the factors that help in the recovery process of stress:

  • Connecting through personal relationships within the family and rural networks; e.g. Growmore Clubs, YFC, Monitor Farm Groups, village coffee meetings.
  • Hope –   a better life is possible;
  • Identity – a positive understanding of self and personal needs ;
  • Meaning and purpose; farming provides meaning, community links, taking part in local community activities. 
  • Empowerment; focusing on strengths and taking responsibility to do things for other people


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