Contingency planning

Planning ahead for possible events is essential for a farm business. Contingency planning ensures that farm businesses can return to normal after unforeseen circumstances with minimal damage and disruption.

Advice for those affected by flooding

  • Forage Aid are there to help farmers affected by extreme weather conditions: Tel. 07967 219 991
  • Gov Flooding advice for farmers and land managers, click here.
  • AHDB advice on weather warnings and preparing for heavy rain, click here.
  • R.A.B.I fast track to help flood-affected farmers, click here.
  • NFU members advice for those affected by flooding, click here.
  • RSPCA – Flooding advice – helping your animals get to safety, click here. Download flood advice poster below.

Alternatively call the FCN helpline on: 03000 111999

Soil management – how best to deal with the weather affecting the soil on your farm:

Emergency plan

  • Red Tractor Assurance have created an emergency plan that you can fill out and keep as a hard or soft copy on your farm, it can then be used as a guide in the case of an emergency. Download below.

If you would like to develop a more personalised contingency plan for your farm and farm business there are companies through a paid service who can help with this. Livetec Systems are a company who specialise in developing contingency plans for your farm and can help plan for disease outbreaks, business protection plans and animal welfare plans.

Contingency plan for disease:

What to do in the event of a disease outbreak crisis

  • Guidance in England for contingency livestock planning can be found here – England (Hampshire County Council).

Contingency Plan for Exotic animal disease in Wales

  • The following downloadable guides through the Welsh Government Contingency Plan for Exotic Notifiable Diseases of Animals 2018, click here. Download below.

Contingency planning for livestock disease Scotland

Contingency plan for epizootic disease Northern Ireland

National Pig Association contingency plan for notifiable diease


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