COVID-19: Business Resilience

Check out if you can claim a grant through the GOV.UK self-employment income support scheme here.

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  • Extension of the job retention scheme until 31st October 2020, for further information click here.

AHDB Download COVID 19 poster here .

Government support available to farmers:

For information on TB testing during COVID-19, head over to the TB page, click here

COVID-19 AHDB podcasts:

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Self isolation can be a lonely and difficult time for all, further information on isolation and loneliness, head over to the tab on FarmWell, click here.

Farming Help

Utilise the Farming Help helpline (operated by FCN) and respective organisations/volunteer networks, we can offer the following local support. Get in touch on 03000 111 999 if you:

  • Feel concerned or anxious and would like to talk to someone who understands farming, will listen to you and help you think through your options
  • Would like help to draft a contingency plan to ensure you and your farm are prepared, should you be unable to work for a time.
  • If you or people you rely on become ill or are self-isolating and you need to find help locally- we will endeavour to find support for you in your local area. We will source contact details of local organisations and groups who may be able to assist you in finding help to feed livestock, collect shopping or collect prescriptions if you are unable to do so. This directory will be revised and updated in the coming weeks and months.

We would like to encourage everyone to take a proactive approach to the support being offered and available for you, reach out when you feel you may need that bit of extra help, advice or support.

We also encourage everyone in the farming community to follow the government guidelines on self isolation and social distancing.

Milk market guidlines


Raw or unpasteurised milk and cream may contain harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. The Food Standards Agency advises that people with weaker immune systems are particularly vulnerable to food poisoning and should not consume it. These include:

  • pregnant women
  • infants and small children
  • elderly people
  • people with compromised immune system such as cancer patients

The sale of raw drinking milk and cream is legal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – but can only be sold by a registered raw drinking milk producer directly to the consumer and via the following routes:

  • At the farm gate or farmhouse catering operation
  • At registered farmers’ markets
  • Distributors using a vehicle as a shop such as a milk round
  • direct online sales
  • vending machines at the farm

It is illegal to sell raw milk and cream in any other setting. Giving milk away free of charge is also considered to be sale and so is also subject to these rules.

To protect consumers, stricter hygiene regulations apply to the production of raw drinking milk provided to the public must be:

  • From animals that are healthy and free from brucellosis and tuberculosis
  • From a farm that complies with hygiene rules and is routinely inspected twice a year
  • Labelled with the appropriate health warning
  • Subject to verification sampling programme undertaken by our inspectors. Testing is carried out on behalf of the FSA by Public Health England.

Any producer wishing to supply raw drinking milk must meet a number of requirements set down by the FSA, including a detailed food safety management system. For more information please follow this link


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