Crisis plans

It is often advised to have a crisis plan in the event of a crisis occurring in the future so that it can easily be addressed and is not completely unexpected.

Crisis Communication Plan

This plan has been designed as a framework that producers can use to gather information that will be needed in the event of a crisis, an assessment of vulnerabilities and outline of roles and responsibilities necessary to carry out an effective crisis response. Click here to download and complete.

Planning for a crisis

The mental health charity MIND have an online resource to plan in preparation for possible crisis , follow the download link to see more.

Digital legacy Planning

  • A digital legacy is the digital information that is available about someone following their death. This might include their social media profiles, online conversations, photos, videos, gaming profiles and their website or blog.  
  • A digital legacy can be altered, edited and changed before, during or after someone’s death. Making plans for your online accounts and digital legacy cannot be undertaken by a third party, plans should be made by you.
  • To find out more and how you can plan for your digital legacy, visit the Digital Legacy Association.

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