Debt management

This page will signpost to specialist sites and agencies providing the appropriate expert advice for you. It is important to note that the state of personal and business finances can have a negative effect on mental health. The relationship between financial and emotional crisis can therefore be an unhealthy one, often leading to stress and triggering of suicidal thoughts. Building emotional resilience can help combat these feelings of stress that have been caused by debt.

NFU Debt advice service: PayPlan

  • Payplan is a free debt advice and solutions company, providing debt solutions and advice on repayments whilst living a normal and happy life.
  • The following link takes you to the ‘GET FREE DEBT HELP’ page, one of the Payplan advisers will then contact you for a chat on your debts and how they can be of help, click here.
  • For further debt advice topics, click here.
  • Call Payplan for free on: 08002802816.

Financial security

The following link takes you to the government advice pages on debt and bankruptcy, click here.



  • NFU are working in partnership with Payplan and have the following downloadable documents for further information on the services Payplan can provide:

Guide to debt and mental health

  • The following downloadable resource has been provided by the Money Saving Expert in association with mental health charities such as MIND, Alzheimer’s Society, Rethink Mental Illness etc. directing you to the correct help and advice resources, as well as helping to make sense and deal with the impacts debt has on mental health.

Debt and mental health

  • The National Debtline have a downloadable resource on how debt and mental health can impact and affect each other.
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