Doug Avery, The Resilient Farmer

If you attended the ‘Shift Happens’ tour with Doug Avery the presentation alongside audio can be found below – made in collaboration with AHDB.

Farmers Weekly have published an article on Doug’s top 8 tips to becoming a resilient farmer, click here.

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society filmed part of the Harrogate Shift Happens talk which can be seen below:

If you would like to purchase Doug’s book click here (large print copy) / click here.

Listen to the Rock and Roll Farming podcast with Doug Avery, click here.

The Resilient Farmer Website: click here.

Follow Doug’s social media: click here.

Example of growing Lucerne in the UK:

AHDB have a podcast on the benefits of growing Lucerne for dairy cow diets, something Doug referred to in his presentation.

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