Doug Avery, The Resilient Farmer

If you attended the Doug Avery talks and would like to remind yourself on the content of the presentation, we will be providing the PowerPoint slides alongside audio of the talk in due course. Follow the FarmWell twitter page at the bottom of this webpage to stay updated on its upload.

Farmers Weekly have published an article on Doug’s top 8 tips to becoming a resilient farmer, click here.

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society filmed part of the Harrogate Shift Happens talk which can be seen below:

If you would like to purchase Doug’s book click here (large print copy) / click here.

Listen to the Rock and Roll Farming podcast with Doug Avery, click here.

The Resilient Farmer Website: click here.

Follow Doug’s social media: click here.

Example of growing Lucerne in the UK:

AHDB have a podcast on the benefits of growing Lucerne for dairy cow diets, something Doug referred to in his presentation.

Follow the FarmWell twitter page to stay tuned and updated on the upload of the Doug Avery presentation:

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