Following Brexit

Click here or the below image to view January’s month of ‘Following Brexit’ as part of our Time to Plan project.

As part of our Time to Plan project, throughout the month of January we will be focussing on the topic of ‘Brexit’.

This month’s theme will focus on preparing for some of the changes that will come ‘Following Brexit’. There will be a focus on preparing the farm business but also personal preparation in dealing with major change. 

We will be posting regularly from the FarmWell Twitter and Facebook pages.

The future of farm support and subsidies – webinar with David Winnard, Associate Director at Laurence Gould Partnership & FCN

  • David Winnard, an Associate Director with leading independent consultants Laurence Gould Partnership has over 25 years’ experience providing consultancy to farmers and rural businesses.
  • The following webinar with FCN covers the recently announced reductions in Direct Support from 2021 and what this will mean for farms in the UK. David provides further details on the new subsidy and support schemes and other measures available to farmers and landowners. Click here or click play below to watch the webinar.

Farming Advice Service: Cross compliance 2021 update

  • From 2021, the Government is taking measures to simplify the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) – including removing all three of the greening rules. However, you will still have to meet the minimum standards on the environment, animal and plant health, and animal welfare.
  • This Farming Advice Service webinar, from the 19th January 2021, will talk you through the changes to cross compliance and greening for the 2021 scheme year to help you to comply with the requirements: click here to watch the recorded webinar.

New Year, new Ag policy – with AHDB

  • Tom Forshaw, Senior Analyst with AHDB gives an in depth analysis about the various changes to Ag policy and the need for Farmers and growers  to prepare for the changes that lie ahead.
  • Click here or the image to read Tom’s article.
  • Visit AHDB’s EU exit page online, click here.
  • The below AHDB podcast gives some insight to help you make informed decisions about your business now we have left the EU and move towards the uncertainties created by the arrival of ELMS payments.

Q and A with NFU Senior Adviser, Richard Wordsworth & FCN

  • Richard Wordsworth talks to FCN about the development of new farm support and how those working in agriculture can approach the new changes and challenges ahead.
  • Click here or the image to view the full Q & A.

Q and A with FCN Regional Director and farmer, Stephen Dennis

  • Stephen Dennis answers some important questions around facing unexpected change and approaching the future with a plan.
  • Click here or the image to view the full Q & A.

A ‘Top 10’ suggestions & tips list for preparing for what’s ahead with NFU Senior Adviser, Richard Wordsworth

  • Here Richard Wordsworth sets out the things he would be doing now and in the coming months and years as we move through Defra’s plan to evolve the current way it financially supports the industry in England.
  • Click here or the image to view the suggestions and tips.

“Are you Rural Payments ready?” Sandy Kapila, RPA, Head of External Affairs

  • Sandy talks about the important role the RPA plays for agricultural and rural communities. Sarah also refers to the importance of Defra’s Farming is Changing booklet and how it can aid in preparations for the start of the agricultural transition next year.
  • Click here or the image to read Sandy’s article.

Personal approach of dealing with major change through FarmWell

  • Here Eleanor Parton, Communication and Events Officer for FCN lists the resources available on FarmWell to support those in the agricultural community in building personal resilience.
  • Click here or the image to read Eleanor’s article.

Future Farm Support: Essential References/reading list

  • In this article NFU Senior Adviser, Richard Wordsworth concludes his look at the change to farm support as Defra develops an approach that moves away from the CAP in England, with some recommendations on where to find more information.
  • Click here or the image to read Richard’s essential references/reading list.

Q & A with Richard Betton, Upland farmer in Durham and FCN Regional Director

  • Richard Betton discusses some important points around the impact of the new arrangements on his farm and how he is planning ahead for the year to come.
  • Click here or the image to read Richard’s Q & A.


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