How to talk about dementia

Dementia is the generic name for a range of neurological conditions. For those diagnosed with a form of dementia it can be a very frightening and debilitating experience. It can also have life changing effects on the family. Often the phrase “living with dementia” is used of both the person with the condition and those amongst the family who are affected.

How to talk to a parent about dementia

It can often be difficult to address the conversation of dementia, particularly about early diagnosis, these links will guide in addressing those challenging times.

Talking to a parent about dementia can be overwhelming and difficult, list 6 tips for approaching the topic of dementia with a parent.

Tips on communicating with someone who has dementia

Dementia treatment

Dementia is caused by progressive diseases, none of which can currently be cured. Some treatments are available that can help some people with the symptoms of dementia, including those caused by Alzheimer’s, but the effects are temporary and don’t work for everyone.

Sadly no treatment can currently affect or halt the underlying disease process in the brain.

Non-pharmacological treatment can also help some people with dementia, including helping to manage some symptoms and maintain quality of life for longer.

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