Landscape Recovery

The Landscape Recovery Scheme provides funding for long-term and large scale projects in England

Applications for this round can be made until 21st September 2023

PurposeTo provide funding for long-term and large scale projects extending over more than 20 years, using public and private funding, to restore habitats and ecosystems
EligibilityEngland wide

Projects must support net zero, protected sites, and wildlife-rich habitats. For example:
– Sequestering habitats such as salt marshes
– National Nature Reserves
– Rivers and Streams

Must encompass a broadly connected area of at least 5000 hectares – gaps are acceptable if they don’t compromise the outcome

Land in other government schemes can be included
Length of Scheme (5 phases)1. Application – to be made before 21st September 2023 for the current round

2. Evaluation by DEFRA which will take up to 10 weeks

3. Enrolment – checks made by the Environment Agency and Natural England which will take 10-14 weeks

4. Preparing to implement the problem – can take up to 2 years

5. Project Implementation – delivering the project which is likely to take more than 20 years
Who Can Apply?Private land managers and land owners:
– farmers (including tenants)
– foresters
– charities
– collaboration groups
– public bodies such as local authorities, royal parks, parish councils
How To ApplyYou will need to complete the following:
– Project Proposal Form
– Land Manager Support Form
– Project Development Costs Form

You will also need to create 3 maps

Guidance for applications can be found here
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