Managing and developing staff

Management of farm staff is a skillful job to ensure that they work in a safe working environment as well as contributing to the growing farming business. Having control over the workforce will make workers feel that they are in a safe environment where their contribution to the farm investment is paying off.

UCAS – How to become a farm manager, click here.

Some skills that a farm manager should possess:

The Institute of Agricultural Management (IAGRM) run a farm management skills programme, you can find out more here. Further events and training from the IAGRM can be found here.

Citizens information provide information on employment, click here.

It is important to ensure you and your employees are aware of their rights, click here to find out more.

Joint farming ventures

  • Collaborative farming is where farmers join together to share their economic values, share skills and create a more social environment to work in. The below video explains collaborative business structures in farming.
  • Further information on collaborative farming arrangements can be found at Teagasc click here.
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