Mentoring Schemes

Listed below are young farmer based mentoring schemes that run throughout the UK:

Tesco Future Farmer Foundation

  • The Tesco Future Farmer Foundation was set up to support young people in farming make a success in the agricultural industry. The scheme is aimed at 20-35 year olds from farming sectors/backgrounds
  • The scheme has 50 available spaces per year for the 12 month course.
  • For further information, click here.

The Landworkers’ Alliance Mentoring Programme

  • The Landworkers’ Alliance mentoring programme is aimed at those in their first year of running a land-based enterprise.
  • The scheme is only accessible to LWA members.
  • For further information, click here.

Wales Farming Connect Mentoring Scheme

  • Farming Connect has established a new mentoring scheme for farmers and foresters in Wales who will be able to receive guidance and advice from their peers on a wide range of topics.
  • For further information, click here.
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