Personal organisation and balance

Personal management and organisation in the workplace is just as important as being able to manage others.


  • It is important that farm life has balance.
  • Building on all aspects of the personal and business side of the farm are essential to lead a positive and productive future.
  • 2 Minute Farmer have developed a resource called the ‘Farm Self-Assessment Wheel’ – ‘Tractor Wheel of Life’, reminding you of all aspects within farming life that need to be considered to have a balanced smooth flow of work.
  • Some aspects to the wheel can often be forgotten which reflect on the business and personal side of life in an uneven, stressful and bumpy work flow.
  • Further information can be found here.

Building your personal resilience and well-being will help balance your personal and business life, having your mental well-being understood and in a stable place will better aid to the business resilience side of the farm. Some examples can be seen below and further can be found under Personal Well-being on FarmWell.

Social balance

  • It is important to have people to talk to as well as and aside from farming matters, acting as a good distraction for your mental well-being.
  • An example could be setting enough time aside to ensure quality time is had with family members, joining a social club such as the local YFC or local village groups, alternatively online social forums can be good to interact with like minded people, such forums and groups can be found on FarmWell under Farming Forums and Social Groups .

Mental wellbeing balance

  • You may find it difficult on the farm to focus on tasks and take control of situations if your mental well-being is in an unstable place.
  • A good place to being developing your mental well-being could be through Mindfulness.

These two examples above provide just a snipit of ways to develop your personal resilience, further information on developing personal resilience can be found under Personal Well-being on FarmWell.

Digital legacy Planning

  • A digital legacy is the digital information that is available about someone following their death. This might include their social media profiles, online conversations, photos, videos, gaming profiles and their website or blog.  
  • A digital legacy can be altered, edited and changed before, during or after someone’s death. Making plans for your online accounts and digital legacy cannot be undertaken by a third party, plans should be made by you. 
  • To find out more and how you can plan for your digital legacy, visit the Digital Legacy Association.

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