Isolation and loneliness

Farming can be a very isolating and lonely occupation, with many farm workers spending long hours alone and working in remote situations, with and alongside machinery and livestock. Lone working in agriculture is common place, and while many can value and thrive in lone working environments, it can bring with it increased risk.

Concern is growing over the number of accident related injuries and deaths on our farms. Farming remains one of our country’s most hazardous industries, accounting for 1.5% of workers but 15-20% of all worker fatalities. This can have a devastating impact on both the farming family and the farm business.

Suicide rates in farming are also amongst the highest of any occupational group. Lone working can exacerbate feelings of hopelessness when things are not going well, contributing to the onset of depression. Equally, those already experiencing wellbeing issues can be at increased risk of having accidents, especially when working alone. Implementing some simple practices on your farm may well serve to protect you and your workforce.


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